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(Updated on Friday, October 17, 2003 )


Cambodia (formerly Kampuchea)
Myanmar (formerly Burma)


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Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center(BADC)

NACA National Center, Indonesia

Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center( FADC)

National Sea Farming Development Centre, NACA Seafarming Nodal Center, Indonesia

Research Institute for Coastal Fisheries(RICF)

Research Institute for Freshwater Fisheries(RIFE)

Bogor Agricultural university(with its Faculty of Fisheries)

Gajahmada University

Indonesian Institute of Sciences
- This server is down but has a link to the R&D Center for Biology, Oceanology

Seaworld Indonesia
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7
Jakarta 14430

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Department of Fisheries, Malaysia
- Fish Statistics:

- Fisheries Directory
- Private Fish/Prawns Hatcheries

Freshwater Fisheries Research Center
- Didn't claim to have any specimens but conduct research and breeds fishes and prawns!

- Has specimens which are used for research purposes

Turtle conservation Unit, Malaysia
- Has 4 species of turtles

Universiti of Kebangsaan Malaysia
- Are conducting research on Sea cucumbers

Paya Indah Wetland Sanctuary(PIWS) near Putrajaya, Malaysia's administrative capital
- Is a sancturay having a myriad of flora and fauna, birds of prey, mammals, amphibians, 19 species of fish in the aquaculture jetty
- Has 130 species of Palm Arboretum

Marine Biodiversity
- Crinoid Ecology and Systematics
- Didn't specify number of specimen but they do have some specimens as stated down the page.

A Small Park in Sabah, off the coast of East Malaysia in Borneo supports a large population of sea turtles and a moderate number of Hawksbills
- Crustacean Ecology: species of shrimps that have been tagged: 8 coral banded shrimp

Black Coral biodiversity in Sabah
- A total of 15 species have been found and papers are being prepared for them
- Good site having a detail description of the coral species

Sea Turtle Research Unit
Faculty of Science and Technology
21030 Kuala Terengganu

Center for Marine and Coastal Studies

The Muka Head Marine Research Station:
- Has species of mollucs, gorgonians, corals, fishes, crustaceans etc.
- Will be opening a museum soon

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MYANMAR (formerly Burma)

(data not available)

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Grouper Research at the South East Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines

Southeast Asian Fisheries development center aquaculture department
- Has a museum in Philippines which has fauna and flora but didn't mention the number of specimens

Research division of the SEAFDEC branch in Philippines
- Has a number of (aquaculture) specimens but didn't mention the numbers.

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Jurong Reptile Park
- 50 species of reptiles and amphibians

Singapore Corcodilarium, East Coast, Singapore
- Has more than 1, 000 crocodiles.

Underwater world, Sentosa Island
- Has more than 2, 500 marine creatures from 250 species.

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Sichang Marine Science Research and Training Station
- It has been mentioned that they conserve aquatic resources and fisheries

Phuket Sea Shell Museum
- Has a collection os seashells
- Also has sedimentary rock containing shell fossils that represent the earth's earliest forms

Phuket Aquarium
- Has more than 100 species of sea life many of them taken from the waters around Phuket

Phuket Butterfly Farm and Aquarium
- Has species of tropical butterflies, insects and many kind of marine life.

Samutprakarn, Crocodile Farm and Zoo
- Has over 60, 000 crocodiles

Mollusk Museum
- Has a collection of fresh water and brackish-water snail specimens of medical importance

Freshwater fishes of Thailand
- A whole database of pictures and names of species under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Dept of Fisheries

Museum and Aquarium Institute, Department of Fisheries
Phaholyotin Rd. Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
- 10, 422 individuals from 66 families and 91 species in the surface horizontal hauls
- 34, 779 individuals from 63 families and 84 species in the obligue hauls
- 11, 875 individuals from the 54 families and 74 species

- Fish Larva

- Zooplankton

- Macrobenthos

- Dinoflagellate

- Microplankton

Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute (AAHRI)

National Inlaid Fisheries Institute (NIFI)

National Institute of Coastal Aquaculture(NICA)

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Research Institute of Marine Products Haiphong City

Research Institute of Aquaculture #1, Habac Province( near Hanoi)

Research Insitute of Aquaculture #II, in Ho Chi Minh City

Fisheries Research Center # III Nha Trang City

Minh Hal Fisheries Research Affiliates

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